Sales Jiu-Jitsu System Part 1: Pre-fight

SALES JIU-JITSU SYSTEM PART 1: PRE-FIGHT If you feel lost, discouraged, and unable to see the light at the end of your tunnel, then this is for YOU! The power of YOUR big WHY. How to utilize sales to leave people better off than where you found them. The main difference between the modern sales approach (that works today) versus the old-school (no-longer-effective) approach. Our 4-Phase Sales Jiu-Jitsu success formula (that will get you results). The Pre-Fight: 3 things that happen before the engagement. The power of having a “sparring partner” to increase your conversions. Catapult Your Closing Rate Into The “Top 1%” with Sales & Persuasion Strategies Responsible For Over $100 Million in Sales GET ALL THE DETAILS

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